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  Magnetic Grates


Round Tube Type


EMF Permanent Magnetic Grate/Grids/grill are designed primarily and secondarily for fitting in hoppers for the extraction of ferrous metals from product being processed. Design and Manufactured to any size or shape, they are simply placed in the hopper to rest against the sides thus allowing the materials to flow through the grid. These grids encased totally in stainless steel (ss304) for rigorous handling are often used in hoppers in the plastics industry.
For an even higher level of protection, double and triple banked grates can be manufactured. All grates are available with either ferrite or powerful rare earth magnets that are recommended for fine ferrous particles such as rust etc. Single Magnetic Tubes are also available with ends drilled and tapped to your requirements.


Round Tube Type Diveters
Magnetic grates are constructed from stainless steel (ss304) with top and bottom screw tightened of each magnet tube within the supporting frames of the grate. This two position welded frame construction results in grates capable of delivering extended service and performance.

Selecting the correct size Magnetic Hopper Grates

  • Grate should fit into hopper 8 to 10" above the hopper floor.
  • Choose from standard sizes shown. If in doubt, go to next largest measurements.

Square Tube Type

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