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Suspension Forklift magnets


The ELECTRO MAGNETIC FLUX special design of suspension Forklift Magnet is specifically manufactured for forklift trucks to any width required. The forks slide into the top mounted brackets, which easily lock manually. Ideal for keeping car parks, container depots and warehouses free from nails, nuts and bolts, etc. Once the cleaning operation is complete, the magnet can be removed for using at a later date.

These are super-powered, permanent magnets for the removal of sharp iron objects from roads, parking areas, loading docks, runways and other important traffic areas.
Our suspension magnetic sweepers greatly reduce the possibility of costly dangerous flat tires and injuries caused by nails, scrap iron particles, staples, etc. Simply hang a suspension forklift magnet from your vehicle bumper and "sweep" all contaminated areas. Wipe the face of the magnet with a glove or heavy shop towel to clear. Two eyebolts are installed on each magnet for suspending.


  • Robust design
  • Easy to fit and bolt on manually
  • Magnetic surface easily cleaned manually
  • Corrosion resistant


  • 100 wide magnetic face
  • Will pick up contamination from 50-100mm.
  • Manufactured to any width required
  • When ordering, please specify fork width and centers for fixing purposes
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