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Bullet Magnet


The emf Permanent Magnetic Bullet Separator is a compact in design, efficient in on-line magnetic separator for extracting or eliminating ferrous metal contamination from either gravity fed or pneumatic pipelines. Manufactured from stainless steel for the dry free-flowing product flows through the body and over the 'bullet' magnet, which extracts or eliminate the contamination. Internal deflectors ensure that the product is a pass over the 'bullet' magnet with minimal turbulence and no blockage.

Model shown: All stainless steel Permanent Magnetic Bullet Separator designed for 150mm diameter pipeline. Fully TIG welded, crack and crevice free with welds ground smooth construction for the food industry.
Length: 675mm
Diameter: 270
Weight: 40kg

Spinning Flanges: 6mm stainless steel drilled to British Stranded

The bullet magnet is also easily to clean the ferrous material by releasing the quick release latches on the door, allowing the magnet (attached to the door) to swing open for cleaning.


  • Easily installed
  • Highly effective and consistent performance
  • Design of Flanges made to your requirements
  • Easily cleaned
  • Ideal designed for free flowing powders and granules: plastics, food ingredients, etc.
  • Hygienic sealed quick release door


  • Available with wide range of either ferrite or powerful rare earth magnets
  • Manufactured to fit various pipelines ranging from 50mm - 250mm diameter
  • Suitable for pressure up to 1 bar
  • Specials available including full stainless steel manufacture and higher pressure resistant units
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